Visiting the weavers

Near the guest house the German Azalay incorporated society promotes two projects for women. One of them is in Mellall, where a group of nomads has settled after loosing their herds. In order to generate some revenues the women of the former nomads founded a cooperation that was facilitated by the help of Azaley incorporated society. The women produce rugs, pillow slips and bags. When visiting the women you can witness the courage to face life by the chance to produce goods to make a living.

The incorporated society of Azaley develops projects and long range plans for and in cooperation with the inhabitants of the region to secure their existence. In line with this work we developed the idea of the guest house "Le Sauvage Noble" and founded the agenca "Renard Bleu Touareg" that won a price for socially responsible tourism.

Length: 3 to 4 hours

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