Potter, Pilgrims and Scholars

Tamegroute, only a few kilometers south of Zagora and near the street to M'hamid is the center of a religous brotherhood that was found in the 17th century and has big influence still today. The founder of the brotherhood planned to make Tamegroute a religious, artistic and political center of peace. Founded as a place for peace and arts Tamegroute is today still a pilgrims´ destination, because it offers a huge library with manuscripts of up to 900 years of age.

The library holds a wide variety of religious and scientific miscellanies from the whole Arabic world. The oldest manuscript dates back to the 11th century and is written on the skin of gazelle. A further testimonila of ancient times is the sepulchre of seven Marabouts. This place is well-known to pilgrims and they stay in the patio and pray for salvation and the healing of diseases through divine blessing.

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